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Useful Tips for Reflective Essay Writing, it is highly recommended to use first person narration, as it indicates that youre writing your personal opinion. For instance, you may use I liked, The best part of the movie for me is, I didnt like etc.

In other words, a reflective essay is about providing a personal opinion about an object or phenomena. The style of writing involved with reflective essays are a bit different from other essays. Once you have finished, you should re-read what you have written, taking to care to check for repetition or contradiction. It is easy to contradict yourself in an essay full of your opinion. Put your thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph, preferably near the end, but dont limit yourself to it. You should brainstorm and mind map reflective essay topics, to create a general feeling of how you are going to set out your essay.

How to kiss for the first time The best ways to keep bugs out of your house Getting a job with the government How to cheat at job interviews Getting your friends to relax in your home Sushi restaurants that you should visit How I should have spent my younger years If I knew now what I thought then Exercising. Most reflective essay topics will give their gist away through the title, so you will not need to repeat the title, just work towards convincing somebody that this is the paper they want to read.

Dont be afraid to state your opinion even if it is totally different from popular belief. But to make your thoughts sound more convincing, provide needed support for them within your body paragraphs.