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Robinson Projection, visit my Understanding Maps category of resources for great online map projection resources. Maps created by Matt Rosenberg, using ArcView. However, instead of projecting a light, cartographers use mathematical formulas to create projections. Depending on the purpose of a map, the cartographer will attempt to eliminate distortion in one or several aspects of the map. Conformality - the shapes of places are accurate, distance - measured distances are accurate, area/Equivalence - the areas represented on the map are proportional to their area on the earth. Direction - angles of direction are portrayed accurately, a very famous projection is the Mercator Map. My Chemeketa; Gmail Login; Technical Support. Phone Support 24/7; Chat Online; Knowledge Base and FAQs; Home; Student Services; Degrees Certificates; Class. Map Projections, it is impossible to accurately represent the spherical surface of the earth on a flat piece of paper. While a globe can represent the planet accurately, a globe large enough to display most features of the earth at a usable scale would be too large to be useful, so we use maps. Welcome to Teen Challenge of Baltimore. Our purpose is to provide information, education. Mercator never intended his map to be used for purposes other than navigation although it became one of the most popular world map projections. During the 20th century, the National Geographic Society, various atlases, and classroom wall cartographers switched to the rounded Robinson Projection.