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Plain-Language Websites: Web-Writing that Works

Let our community of native speakers support your language learning. A new language learning platform where native speakers correct what you write. Post in the language that you are learning. Native speakers correct your writing! How to comply with the Plain Writing Act of 2010. Strategies and tactics for writing better content, how to join the plain language community. War and Peace. Luckily, many Web writing techniques, such as organizing for your reader, designing for scanning, cutting text, favoring active voice, and using ordinary words, are all central to plain language.

Return the favor by helping others learn your native language! Tweet, with native speakers from more than 190 countries and 90 languages to study, finding a language partner has never been so easy.

Well discuss plain writing principles and how they apply to the Web, and update you on the Plain Writing Act of 2010. Attend this webinar if you write for: Government Websites, blogs, press releases, emails, newsletters, what Youll Learn, how to apply plain writing principles to Web content. Create an Account (Free).

Note: All DigitalGov University events take place in Eastern Standard Time. Writing for the Web requires different approaches and skills than writing for print publications. People come to your website for quick bits of informationNOT to read.

This section refers to the audience as users since that is a more common term in the web community. To effectively communicate with your web users, you must use plain-language techniques to write web content.