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Read more. We at Teen Challenge of Baltimore invite all churches that are affiliated with our ministry to join us as we reach out to the City of Baltimore in 2015.  Welcome to Teen Challenge  of Baltimore. Our purpose is to provide information, education, and lifestyle-altering training programs for those struggling with life-controlling habits. Feel free to browse our website, download any helpful information, and contact us by web or telephone if there is anything we can do to help you or a loved one deal with these issues.  In our outreaches we need bands, counsellors, smiling faces, servers of food, speakers, and  Christians who want to be a blessing to someone else.  Please contact us about any of these ministries and the possibility of your churchs involvement. We need your help! Read more.

Read more. The Teen Challenge Residential Rehabilitation Program is presently 14 months long. The local four-month adult male age 18 and over Induction Program is not a shorter version, but the first-phase induction program, which is followed by the  ten-month Advanced Program, together they total 14 months. Clean and Minimalistic, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Copyright 2015 Home Interiors. If you, or your friend or family member wish to rebuild their life, it takes a significant investment in time to tear down the habits of addictive behavior, rebuild a healthy and functional new foundation free from addiction, and launch a new life that is free from the old ways and headed toward success and happiness.

We have had such troubles in our own lives, and know your pain. We are grateful to have been steered toward Teen Challenge, the most effective and successful rehabilitation program in the world, bar none.