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He kept asking adults Why do we go to school? But like many youths with an entrepreneurial spirit, he never got a satisfying answer. The teenager knew that most people get academic credentials as a milestone step toward making money and supporting their families, but he started wondering, what if he could find a way to make money and create. This way, you won't lose any opportunities, and you can always improve those pages (say, add more articles to your portfolio) as you go along. Make an effort to filter time wasters through your hire me page. 100 Per Article: The Client that Started It All, bamidele had no intention whatsoever to work as a freelance writer when he started his blog. Like too many people new to the field, he believed that freelance writers were working for three dollar an article on Elance and oDesk. However, you must understand that in the long run, building your platform (blog in this case) is much more effective than approaching clients directly. Make sure that the majority of your time and energy that you dedicate to freelance writing is spent on either building your blog or on doing client work (as opposed to competing for work on job. It's learned helplessness at play. You have to learn to see higher pay articles as your normal rate range. Evolve your mindset from freelance beginner to professional. Promote your writing services on your blog from the very beginning.

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Page, worked with around 12 clients, and made over 50,000 from freelance writing that year. At the moment, Bamidele is 19, and he continues to run his successful freelance writing business.

That seemed like a reasonable rate to pay for a teenager from a third world country with no previous experience. However, instead of answering the question, Bamidele asked the client what he had in mind.