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Not long after, the b. Essays Related to The Lord of the Flies: Ralph. "The most obvious leader was Jack, but there was a stillness about Ralph as he sat that marked him out there (22). They knew that Jack would be a good leader, but just looking at Ralph made everyone want to choose him because he is very handsome. However, when the boys abandon the fire which is symbolic of Ralph's hope of getting saved, Ralph faces an internal conflict that makes him fear about their future; perhaps they will not be rescued at all. Essays Related to Ralph Lord Of The Flies.

However, as the plot progresses, Ralph faces both internal and external conflicts; from those conflicts he greatly matures. Ralph always has the strong belief that all the children will be saved from the island sooner or later; he is so sure that he even insists that they should have fire at all times to signal. Because he summons the boys at the beginning of the novel with the conch he and Piggy find, they look upon him as the most responsible of the boys and elect him as a chief over the humiliated Jack.

He is also the only one thinking straight, unlike all the other boys. Also, Ralph and Jack are two different people who are always struggling for power, and always argue with each other. Ralph is a strong boy who tries very hard in making a good civilization with order and rules, but Jack tries to destroy everything he has worked for. Ralph is a strong and handsome boy who concentrates on making a good civilization.