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QuickBooks will display the current cost listed in the QuickBooks item list as the cost.  In the past, it was only available in the Estimate, now it is in all the sales transactions. QuickBooks Basics (QB102 this seminar is designed for beginning to intermediate QuickBooks users. Learn how to send invoices, pay bills, reconcile the bank, track credit cards, maintain inventory, pay sales tax, and run useful reports. In your choice of break-out sessions for product-based or service-based  companies, a team of QuickBooks experts will demonstrate features for either inventory sales or job costing. Add-on software will also be discussed, including packages that sync with MS Outlook, initiate UPS/FedEx mailings, print labels, manage customer correspondence, and scan documents into QuickBooks. Batch Invoice for Time and Expenses Improves the work flow if you are invoicing multiple customers for billable time and expenses. Memorized Transactions Before your memorized transactions are entered, you can now see a list of them and select ones you actually want to enter before they are entered.

Track each purchase from acquisition to disposition, and automatically calculate depreciation for up to six asset bases, including federal, state, book, and AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax). Instantly Prepare for Tax Time, quickBooks Enterprise tracks your income, expenses, sales tax and payroll while you record transactions so you're ready for taxes anytime. Automatic Price Markup, you can choose if you want to have QuickBooks change sales prices automatically when the cost of the item changes. You can also set a global preference for the cost, and you can set overrides for individual items. Sort by columns, now you can sort within a QuickBooks sales transaction by Item, Amount, QTY, etc., and the transaction will save and print the same as you see it. Add a Cost Column, now you can add a cost column to all your sales transaction.

One-click Transactions Eliminate the need to re-enter customer data into different transaction forms. Batch Invoicing for Time and Expenses Bill multiple customers at once for services rendered. Available in QuickBooks Premier 2012 only.