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Examples of Rubrics University of West Florida

When rubrics (or portions of rubrics) are designed around learning objectives, they can be used to assess how well students have acquired the skills and knowledge described in the objectives. Philosophy Dept. 0-1 pts. Research, research selected is highly relevant to the argument, is presented accurately and completely the method, results, and implications are all presented accurately; Theory is relevant, accurately described and all relevant components are included; relationship between research and theory is clearly articulated and accurate. Rubrics are useful for establishing a set of criteria by which student work will be assessed. Rubrics can be given to students along with an assignment to help them understand the levels of achievement and scoring guidelines for their work. 4-5 pts. Position is clearly stated. Organization of argument is clear in parts or only partially described and mostly implemented. 2-3 pts. Position is vague. Organization of argument is missing, vague, or not consistently maintained. 8 10 pts. Research is relevant to the argument and is mostly accurate and complete there are some unclear components or some minor errors in the method, results or implications. Theory is relevant and accurately described, some components may not be present or are unclear. Paper Grading Rubric (Mara Harell, Carnegie Mellon University) Dimension, sophisticated, competent, needs Work, introduction, position and exceptions, if any, are clearly stated. Organization of the argument is completely and clearly outlined and implemented. Theory is not relevant or only relevant for some aspects; theory is not clearly articulated and/or has incorrect or incomplete components. Relationship between theory and research is unclear or inaccurate, major errors in the logic are present.