Case study report writing format -

Guidelines to the writing of case studies

For many men, including this individual, psychological reactions to erectile disorder may be severe: embarrassment, depression, and anxiety.  The client was diagnosed and given an assessment with the goal of determining the factors.

The Nigerian government felt the story could provide a cause for starting a revolution and threatened Mubilajeh, so he and his wife escaped to the United States.  They moved to Philadelphia approximately four years ago and live in a one-bedroom apartment a mile from Mubilajeh's place of employment. 

Security was called and Mubilajeh was arrested.  When Zhane finally became conscious from her coma, she explained that after shamefully confessing to Mubilajeh of her rape, she repeatedly struck herself with the surgical scissors.  Patient/client, symptoms/problem(S) diagnosis, treatment plan (Components, Applicaton, Results/Prognosis brief Conclusion, laleh Yaghoubi. EngC 3014 - Jewell Section 10 Case Study Draft III Case study: Erectile dysfunction from torture by Laleh Yaghoubi The following is a case study of a male client, Mubilajeh, suffering from a sexual disorder (impotence). A traumatic event is difficult to recreate, and very few therapists want to try. Therefore, imaginal exposure, in which the content of the trauma and the emotions involved with it are worked through systematically, may be used. It is written in APA style and is modeled after a fictional episode-with names changed and all actual dialogue from the show removed-on the once-popular television drama, eR. The structure this paper uses is, brief Introduction.

Mubilajeh was only trying to stop her. "He felt responsible for what happened to me.  I felt ashamed, like I could never please him again stated Zhane. Mubilajeh was temporarily released. Due to illegal entry into the United States, the immigration office demanded to hear Mubilajeh's whole story in court. Unless otherwise noted, sample papers do not necessarily meet all requirements an individual instructor or professional supervisor may have: ask your instructor or supervisor.  In addition, the samples single spaced to save room; however, a proper manuscript given to an instructor or supervisor normally should be double spaced with margins set at or close to 1" unless another format has.