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Don't fall asleep. To keep yourself up, set an alarm that rings every 5-10 minutes, alerting you to do your homework, if you're falling asleep. Don't do your homework in bed, or you may fall asleep! By the time she is done she has rewritten 3-4 full sheets of SS homework. Math: math sheet front and back, rewrite each question on separate sheet in its new form and she is in fractions and algebra and to top it off she has a weekly math sheet she works on daily. Learn it now so you won't be looking crazy then. I graduated college but I now realize how much time I wasted not getting the things that would help me down the line. Make sure there is good lighting available, and that you will have everything from pencils to calculators to complete your homework. Ad 2, edit step 2, ask your parents and siblings to give you privacy. Did I mention that never are there instructions sent home in english. Which simply means that I have to spend my evening google translating which doesn't always translate properly. I am very lost and frustrated with not being able to get help or direction as to what I can do to help.

By the end of the week she is exhausted and burnt out. I know with. I just moved to another city and the school that my oldest daughter now goes to only gives reading as homework. Her old school was way more advanced than this one.