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The schools book scholarships are reserved for students who have experienced five-year absences from college, within the previous six-years. Returning students exhibiting commitments to academic success are evaluated for the award based on scholastic performance and other metrics.

Textbook Budgeting 101, full-freight retail is the price publishers would like to see you pay for textbooks, but the model is unsustainable for cash-strapped college students. When the newest edition is required, or when publications contain time-sensitive data, the cost of new books is unavoidable, but in some cases it is still possible to save money on books. Under the organizations book scholarship program, applicants enrolled full or part-time must maintain college GPA standards of at least 2.0 to remain eligible. Awards are distributed based on the financial needs of qualified applicants. The purpose of the scholarships is to help graduate studentsestablish or add to their personal libraries of corrosion-related books. North American and International students are eligible to apply with qualifying GPA information, and two written recommendations. One-time awards of 100.00 1,000.00 are awardedto college/university, technical, vocational, and graduate students. High school students (over the age of 16)are invited to apply for aid directed toward one of these institutions of higher learning.

E-Books, technology is opening this door for some college textbooks. If your required textbooks are available for your e-reader it is the least expensive road to travel. Familiar Resources Cover Books, college budgets contain entries for tuition, meals, housing, transportation, fees and of course;books.

Federal, state and private financial aid is generally not restricted for use buying textbooks, so scholarships, grants and loans are fair game for textbook financing. If money remains after tuition is paid, use Pell Grants and Federal Direct Loans to underwrite bookstore bills.