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Thanks for saving me the trouble! - Mike reply Sigh, I wish the students I supervised at University had been as smart as that, it might even have been a challenge. Just point the student to the appropriate documentation and let them decide to either read it or whinge about how hard computers are. If you want to take the time to point out common mistakes, useful idioms, potential pitfalls, and so on, all the better, but keep in mind that they have profs and teaching assistants who are paid to. Re: Do my homework for me! By FoxtrotUniform (Prior) on Aug 29, 2002 at 19:18 UTC, when someone presents a "do my homework for me" question, particularly if they show no evidence of any effort on their part, please resist providing a direct answer. Date:Calc was just the thing for this common, but thorny, problem! Everybody knows to use Date:Calc for subtracting one date from another to get the number of dates they span or adding or subtracting a number of days to/from a given date, but not everybody knows the great utility that Date:Calc can be in adding two dates! Reply. Q: How do I add two dates? A (short Use Date:Calc. A (long Use Date:Calc. Watch out for time zone and DST issues. Really excellent example! Why, just the other day, I wanted to know the sum of June 13th 1993 and October 23rd 1936. Instead, provide pointers, hints, and suggestions, and let them work to solve the problem themselves. Teach, don't solve. I suggest rtfm replies to no-effort homework questions. (Better if you're a bit more polite, though. I guess this guy gets an 'F'. - Professor Perlsavvy That'd be hilarious. Having gotten that evil streak out of the way I'd noticed the resurgence in homework, and was going to Meditate on it.