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Creating a research question tends to reduce the scope of your research. This is important because size matters. If your topic is too big, you wont be able to adequately handle it in a five- or ten-page research paper. See Step 10 (below) for additional sample papers, including a high school paper. Videos Slides, video on Research Paper Characteristics Slides on Research Paper Characteristics. Assignment, questions (Pre-Step step 1: Use Basic Information Sources to Understand Your Topic. This will help you stay organized as you write and cite sources in your research paper. EasyBib is an online citation tool that allows users to accurately create and save works cited entries and internal citations.

Database and opac searching sometimes requires considerable time and effort. It is often necessary to repeatedly modify search strategies in order to find relevant information sources. Videos Slides, video on Keyword Searching Video on Searching with AND, OR, and NOT. That is, an expert never checks the information before it gets published. A research paper that was created exclusively from free-web information therefore runs a distinct risk of being inaccurate. Because information from books and periodicals is considered to be more reliable, it is essential to search the librarys catalog and online databases when doing research.

Find book sources: Use the online card catalog (opac) for locating books in the library. You can also access book sources from some of our databases, such as Questia, Gale Virtual Reference Library, and Biography In Context.

In other words, as you write your paper you must give original authors credit for ideas and phrasing. If you were to portray their ideas or phrasing as your own, you would be committing academic dishonesty.

Assignment, complete Topic Proposal (Step 1 step 2: Create a Workable Topic, an easy way to do this is to develop a topic in the form of a question. For example, if your area of interest is the causes of the American Revolution, then your primary research question might be, What was the most important cause of the American Revolution.