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10 Best Resume Services in Chula Vista, CA

I didnt want to write a review until I found out how well the resume actually worked. I was extremely impressed with it myself, but I also wanted to make sure it impressed others particularly the hiring managers. They truly rolled out the red carpet. I feel that I more than got my moneys worth here. They wrote the resume that landed me the interviews and resulted in a great job offer. At first I called numerous services to shop around and by the time I was done, this service stood out so much that I had no desire to go with anyone else but them. Fresh, different, highly-effective, friendly, well worth the investment! That's my humble opinion.

It was an easy choice. They were giving me a resume that completely stood out nobody is doing what this service does with resumes, plus they were giving me all the advice, tools,.More and support to know how to use it in a very powerful way, and they were willing to work within my price range what more could you.

I also didnt have to spend 6 or 9 months on my job. It only took me 3 weeks yes, 3 weeks and I hit success. Im not sure if I had gone with any other service that I would have had such a great outcome, but I felt pretty certain (after just my first conversation with them) that I. Well, I didnt have to wait long. My phone started ringing right away! I went through several interview and used the great tips they gave me to really stand out above the other candidates I was competing against and landed a great, new job! This service is very personable. I was able to work with a real person, even though I did the consultations and edits over the phone. It was never cold or impersonal like some services who make you communicate solely by email.