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The Writers Market surveys writers and publishes a What to Charge guide in the front of each annual edition of their voluminous guide to writing markets. They offer rates for a wide variety of writing assignments. My earning potential was unlimited. After realizing I could earn much more, I upped my marketing and aimed higher. I stopped looking at Craigslist ads and proactively went after bigger clients major corporations and national magazines. Here are a couple of important questions to ask yourself: 1. How bad do you want this? Many writers dream about having the freedom to be their own boss, set their own schedule, and make a living doing what they love. One other factor: Many writers prefer to kick back and enjoy life more now that theyre out of the cubicle, rather than working super-hard at building a top-earning business. Spend more time mountain-climbing or home-schooling the kids. When I started freelancing in 2005, my dream was to replace my 60,000-a-year staff writing job. Within a couple years, I did. Then I had a big light bulb explode in my head. The first is to find survey data on what freelancers make. That gives you a sense of whats possible, and whats typical. The second step is a bit harder, so lets start with data. Freelance blogging jobs FOR freelance writers, scroll.

Resources on freelance pay, there isnt a ton of information out there on what freelance writers earn, but there is some. Four resources I often refer writers to are: Ed Gandias 2012 Freelance Industry Report covers more types of freelancing than just writing, but about 40 percent of responders were writers and editors.