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Social networks and data brokers use algorithms and probabilities to reconstruct our identities, and then try to influence the way we think and feel and make decisions. I realized that this meant fundamentally changing my relationship to the Internet.

So my original idea began to shift. Rather than simply evade digital tracking, I began to play with the idea of generating a new digital person, complete with the markers of a physical identity. I

Theres an atrium at citi center, will let you know when Im there. ( - 11:25 Perfect. See you there. ( - 12:59 Im here in the atrium at 53rd and lex Gray jacket, blonde hair.

On April 8, 2013, I received an envelope in the mail from a nonexistent return address in Toledo, Ohio. Inside was a blank thank-you note and an Ohio state drivers license. Ultimately, the account was suspended after Spanish political activists used it to spam news outlets and politicians. Curtis Wallen, in a sense, I was doing the opposite of astroturfing, a practice that uses fake social media profiles to spread the illusion of grassroots support or dissent. Id created a false human being, but instead of a carefully coordinated deception, the result was simply babble. Aaron had a face, but lacked pocket litteran espionage term that refers to physical items that add authenticity to a spys cover. For a couple months I poked around on the darkneta hidden network that relies on nonstandard connections. At first, my goal was simply to exist as an anonymous user. However, I realized that this meant fundamentally changing my relationship to the Internet. I