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Fee Per Term (3 terms per year pre school 1, rM 19,800, rM 6,600. Pre school 2, rM 19,800, rM 6,600, year 1, rM 29,700, rM 9,900. Year 2, rM 29,700, rM 9,900.

Year 3, rM 29,700, rM 9,900. Year 4, rM 33,000, rM 11,000, year 5, rM 33,000, rM 11,000, year 6, rM 33,000, rM 11,000, year 7, rM 39,600, rM 13,200. Year 8, rM 39,600, rM 13,200.

Year 9, rM 42,900, rM 14,300. Year 10, rM 42,900, rM 14,300. Year 11, rM 42,900, rM 14,300. A-Levels RM 50,000 note: The above fee does not include: Technology Fees (per term) Canteen Meals School Uniform Certain Specialised Extra Curricular Activities Fees Structure Terms The Tuition Fees are payable termly - 3 terms per year. Application Fee:RM1,000, registration Fee, pre-school:RM10,000 per student, primary 1 to Secondary 5:RM12,000 per student, registration fee to be paid after the Offer Letter has been received. Tuition Fee: Year. Full Year.

For more information on the school schedule, please click here Tuition Fees are inclusive of text books, learning materials and resources. The Tuition Fees does not include workbooks, exercise books, writing materials, school uniform and food. HIS provides opportunities for students to engage in curricular and co-curricular activities which will mostly not incur additional charges. However parents will be required to contribute toward the costs incurred on specified activities that involve the recruitment of external coaches and facilitators, or that involve outstation and overseas travel.

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