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Engineering Mechanics: Statics Dynamics 13th Edition

Part II - Free Body Diagram workbook 75 pages that step students through numerous free body diagram problems. Full explanations and solutions are provided. Access Code - m/hibbeler, a pass code protected website that includes: - Video Solutions - complete, step-by-step solution walkthroughs of representative homework problems -Over 1000 statics/dynamics problems with solutions that contain both math and associated free. A general procedure for analyzing any mechanical problem is presented at the end of the first chapter. Then this procedure is customized to relate to specific types of problems that are covered throughout the book. Statics Practice Problem Workbook. This workbook contains additional worked problems. The problems are partially solved and are designed to help guide students through difficult topics. Visualization PhotoRealistic Art 3D figures rendered with photographic quality Photographs.

MasteringEngineering. The most technologically advanced online tutorial and homework system. MasteringEngineering is designed to provide students with customized coaching and individualized feedback to help improve problem-solving skills while providing instructors with rich teaching diagnostics. Most photographs were taken by the author, and include appropriate vectors and notation illustrating a mechanics concept. Illustrations. These figures provide a strong connection to the 3-D nature of engineering. Particular attention has also been paid to providing a view of any physical object, its dimensions, and the vectors in a manner that can be easily understood. Review and Student Support End of Chapter Review. A thorough end of chapter review includes each important point accompanied by the relevant equation and art from the chapter providing the students a concise tool for reviewing chapter contents. New Problems. There are approximately 35 or about 410 new problems in this edition. These new problems relate to applications in many different fields of engineering. Also, a significant increase in algebraic type problems has been added, so that a generalized solution can be obtained.