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Happy Birthday, Uncle Louis! He was best friend to director Clarence Brown and my great-grandmother Ida Mayer Cummings, who he supported. Sarah with her five children Yetta, Ida, Louis, Rubin and Gershon. Most likely Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1890s. He was the eldest son of Sarah (nee Meltzer) and Jacob Meier (later Mayer the father of Edie and Irene; husband to Margaret (1904-1947) and of Lorena Layson ( at his death and stepfather of Suzanne (who he adopted). After dinner, I packed my books in my bag and went to bed early. I had to get enough sleep otherwise I would fall asleep in school the next day. Thus ended yet another weekend. For most, he was Mr. Mayer and for some, he was that son of a bitch. As time and film historians and biographers like Scott Eyman and Eve Golden and others have shown, he didnt drug Judy Garland (he loved her like his own child) or kill John Gilberts career (he managed that himself). Arul has tons of comics. His father buys the latest for him. Being his friend, I get to read them too. We read comics till lunch-time. Then I went home, had lunch and took an afternoon nap.

He appointed Ruth Harriet Louise, the first female head of MGMs photographic studio and would remain the only female head of ANY major studio; appointed Ruth Mathis as the first female executive, who made Valentinos career and was at one point the highest paid of any studio exec; his own physician was a woman Dr Jessie Marmorston and he held.

Yes, his daughter Irene was best friends with Katharine Hepburn and she thought he was swell and they both loved a day at the races. So on July 12th, think about what Louis B.