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A Service Control Handler, you can use a Visual Studio template project to help you get started. I just created an "Empty" Win32 Console Application. Before we get started on the Main Entry Point, we need to declare some globals that will be used throughout the service. Introduction, this article shows how to create a basic Windows Service in C. Services are very useful in many development scenarios depending on the architecture of the application. Background, there are not many Windows Service examples that I found in C. I used msdn to write this very basic Windows service. Using the code, at a minimum a service requires the following items: A Main Entry point (like any application a Service Entry point. Service_status g_ServiceStatus To be more object oriented you can always create a class that represents your service and use class members instead of globals. To keep it simple I will use globals. We will need a service_status structure that will be used to report the status of the service to the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM).

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