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Technicians, whose jobs focus on specific tasks and processes, tend to develop in-depth and detailed knowledge in a particular domain or "domain-specific knowledge." Alexander and Judy (1988) stressed the value of someone with domain-specific knowledge for providing expertise in solving problems and performing complex tasks. The increased need for technology education is verified by recent research that indicates graduates of university technology programs are hired immediately after graduation (Nock Shults, 2001). To maintain a strong technical workforce, there is an increasing need for colleges and training institutes to update their curriculum so that it addresses the latest technologies and industry practices (Frenzel, 2003). Additionally, the SME is usually needed to help revise the curriculum after it undergoes a tryout and evaluation period with students and instructors. Availability can be a challenge because curriculum development is rarely part of a SME's normal job responsibilities. : 1873) Chicago, IL Cook mmunity news (Zion, Ill. : 1931) Zion, IL Lake nquistador Aurora, IL Kane rn belt news Forrest, IL Livingston isis (Edwardsville, Ill.) Edwardsville, IL Madison usader (Chicago, Ill. : 2003 abingdon, IL, knox vance (Monmouth, Ill. monmouth, IL, warren vertiser (Collinsville, Ill. collinsville, IL, madison bion journal (Albion, Ill. : Weekly albion, IL. Edwards edo press, aledo, IL, mercer ton daily courier, alton, IL, madison ton daily morning courier, alton, IL, madison ton Democratic union, alton, IL, madison ton spectator, alton, IL, madison ton telegraph (Alton, Ill. Breadth and scope are necessary for curriculum which is designed to impart both specific knowledge and a broad understanding of the field. Industry SMEs who hold management positions often have a wider breadth of knowledge than technicians and engineers, but acquiring their time to support curriculum development can be more difficult. Short but intensive work sessions of two to three hours with substantial one-or-two-day breaks is often most convenient for an SME who holds a full-time job. Short sessions also reduce the mental and physical stress associated with knowledge extraction.