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Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Practice - Business for Sale

30 licensed professionals, (22 self employed, 8 employed) and there are 4 office administrators. Seller will be available after the sale, providing assistance with the relationships with hospitals and referring doctors and will stay to qualify the clinic and the traveling side if a buyer does not have a license. If you deny access to records to a patient, you must inform the patient of his/her right to appeal to the Office of Record Access of the Department of Health. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists who maintain electronic records should implement a mechanism of safeguarding and maintaining records and confidentiality in the event of an electronic failure. Has very little competition and has been asked to operate in other Counties and areas. Growth/Expansion: The business is growing in spite of the seller who has tried to hold it down. 2009 are down (about 1m) but new contracts are in place, more therapists have been hired and 2010 gross will be in the range of 1,300,000. Seller will stay for extended period for transition of the business and will help the buyer build up the traveling and home treatment side of the business that will take away the administrative side. Recordkeeping, the Rules of the Board of Regents on Unprofessional Conduct require that health professionals complete and maintain accurate records for each patient. These records include referral orders for evaluation and treatment, including specific treatment protocols, and documentation of findings from evaluation, treatment, patient response, and recommendations.

If you dispose of records when there is no obligation or need to maintain them, they must be properly destroyed to safeguard patient confidentiality. Professionals who retire or leave their practice must make provision for records to be maintained and accessed, if requested. Patient names and other personal information may not be identified in the course of a sale of the assets of a practice or in the assessment of the value of professional assets.