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62). Division of Special Agents created in 1878 to supervise their activities. Redesignated Special Agency Service by Treasury Department Order 38982, effective February 1, 1922. Consolidated with the Customs Service to form Bureau of Customs (SEE 36.2 1927.

SEE also 36.5. Photographs (77 images Special agents and employees, (SA). Top of Page Records of the Office of Administration Textual Records: Records of the Management Analysis Division, including monthly reports of marine activity, 1943-61; of entry invoices examined, 1960-63; and of transactions, 1920-68. Download: CBP Form 214 PDF (321.09 KB tags: Forms, Tags: Trade. January 13, 2014, forms Form 214A - Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission and/or Status Designation Download: CBP Form 214A PDF (321.46 KB) Tags: Forms, Tags: Trade January 13, 2014 Forms Form 214B - Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission and/or Status Designation Continuation Sheet Download: CBP Form 214B PDF (281.45.

Customs case files, (1,370 ft.). Office files of Commissioner William R. Johnson, 1931-45. Legislative history files, 1947-64. Top of Page Records of the Special Agents Division History: Treasury Department authorized to maintain a force of special agents by an act of August 6, 1846 (9 Stat. Predecessor Agencies: Customs Service (July 31-Sept. 2, 1789) In the Department of the Treasury: Customs Service (1789-1927 bureau of Customs (1927-73 functions: Assesses and collects customs fees and penalties. Intercepts and seizes contraband, including narcotics and illegal drugs. Entrances and clearances of vessels engaged in foreign trade, 1959-61. General correspondence of the Air Security Division, 1970-74. Records relating to the Customs Cooperation Council, 1964-72, and to international customs agreements, 1968-74.

SEE also 36.5. Top of Page Records of other offices and divisions Textual Records: Administrative and chronological files of the Office of Planning and Research, 1965-74. Records relating to the Accelerated Inspection System of the Inspection and Control Division, 1969-71. These are uncompensated positions and do not have to be announced nor do they count towards existing vacancies.