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He says that he didnt care if she did, because he had to have her. Now, he has to have Dana. She is so much like Alice that he can hardly stand it. This would give her the opportunity and motive to kill him. He tells her he dreams all the time that she will leave sometime without helping him. He knows she has the choice to help him or not. Epilogue Summary Dana and Kevin fly to Baltimore as soon as her arm is healed. Unfortunately, Rufus house is gone, now covered with a broad cornfield. The only clue they find as to the fates of those they had met in the past is an old newspaper article.

She tries then to explain to Kevin the bond she has with Rufus - she has to accept limits on her freedom for his sake, and he has to accept limits on her behavior toward him. It brought back Sarahs own feelings after Tom Weylin had sold her two children. Dana immediately confronts Rufus. He says he didnt sell her children. Instead, he had sent them to Baltimore to his mothers sister, because he wanted to scare her into never leaving again. Everything around them is going on normally, but when she gets in the barn, she sees a woman hanging by her neck. It is Alice, and she is dead. All Dana can think is that she wants her down. He speaks to her about Alice and how just before she left, she had stopped hating him. He wonders how long it will take Dana to stop hating him. He throws her down on the pallet and lays over her.

Kevin had called a doctor to care for her damaged wrists, and he said that she really hadnt done much damage to herself. She asks Kevin how long she was gone this time, and he says three hours.