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See below: For exponents, take the root. Example: x2 49 x 49 For roots, take the exponent. Example: x 12 x 122 Ad Part 4 of 5: Sharpening Your Algebra Skills 1 Use pictures to make problems clearer. Only the second answer is correct. 3, know how to use negative numbers. In algebra, it's common to use negative numbers, so it's smart to review how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide negatives before starting to learn algebra. If you're dealing with a two-sided equation, try to write all the equals signs s) underneath each other. This way, if you make a mistake somewhere, it'll be much easier to find and correct. To do this, we perform the "opposite" operation on both sides of the equation. For instance, in the equation x 3 0, since we see a " 3" next to our x, we'll put a "- 3" on both sides.

Algebra equations are usually set up with numbers and/or variables on both sides, like this: x 2 9 4. To figure out what the variable is, you need to get it by itself on one side of the equals sign. In other words, x x 2x, but x y doesn't equal 2xy. For example, let's look at the equation 2x 1x 9. In this case, we can add 2x and 1x together to get 3x 9.

The answer is again 4, of course. 3 If a variable appears more than once, simplify the variables. What do you do if the same variable appears more than once in the equation?